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Immediate Payment Instruction (IPI) implementation in the UAE


The Central Bank of the UAE has introduced Immediate Payment Instruction (IPI), which will enable you to make an immediate payment or transfer to another bank account in the UAE in real time, 24/7, 365 days a year and without any cut-offs. With IPI, you can now make time-sensitive payments immediately, wherever and whenever necessary.

At NBF, IPI is now available via the NBF Direct Mobile Banking App. Please note a daily limit of AED 10,000 applies in addition to your mobile banking app limit.
Don’t have the NBF Direct App? Simply download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. What is IPI?
    IPI stands for Immediate Payment Instruction which enables you to make an immediate payment in AED to another bank account in the UAE immediately.

  2. Are immediate payments applicable for all bank accounts in UAE?
    Immediate payments are applicable for all AED-denominated bank accounts in UAE. However, please check if the receiving bank also enables immediate payment instructions, or alternatively when making a payment transfer on NBF Direct App, you may click on the IPI tab under Transfer to check if the bank/beneficiary is listed.

  3. Will my bank account be debited immediately?
    Yes, your bank account will be debited immediately.

  4. Will the receiving party receive funds immediately?
    The receiving party is expected to receive funds immediately however, this may depend on the receiving bank. Any delay should be followed up by the receiving party with their banks.

  5. Is this service available 24 hours a day?
    Yes, you can make immediate payments at any time, any day of the week via the NBF Direct Mobile Banking app.

  6. Is there a transaction limit for immediate payments?
    Yes, there is a limit of AED 10,000 per transaction for immediate payments. Your mobile banking app limit is also applicable. Standard mobile banking app limit of AED 40,000 will apply over all transactions including IPI transactions.

  7. Can I make immediate payments from my company account?
    No, this service is currently only available for individual account to account payments.

  8. Can I make immediate payments from my USD account or other foreign currency accounts?
    No, this service is currently only available for AED-denominated accounts.

  9. On which NBF channels can I make immediate payments?
    Currently this service is only available on NBF Direct App. If you have automatic updates turned on, your app should update for you. If not, please visit your store to update NBF Direct App to get the latest version.

  10. Can I make immediate payments towards my credit card bill?
    No, currently immediate payments are only applicable for account to account payments (current/savings accounts).

  11. Can I recall an immediate payment?
    No, immediate payments cannot be recalled, so please ensure that the details you enter for payments are correct.

  12. What are the charges for immediate transfers?
    Please visit for the latest Schedule of Charges.

  13. What do I do if I need to make an immediate payment and NBF Direct App is down?
    There are times where the system will be down for routine maintenance. Advance notice will be sent to customers and will also be posted on If the system is down and it is not a scheduled outage for system maintenance, please let us know, and try again later. However, if the downtime is planned from the UAE Central bank, please note that immediate payments will not be available.

For more info, please call 8008NBF(623).