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Pay school fees with NBF

As a parent you want the best education possible for your child but how do you afford school fees and everything that goes with a top school – from boarding to transport, after-school activities, clubs, uniforms, stationery and electronics?

At NBF we offer several options to help you ease the financial pressure that comes with putting your child on the path to success. Whether your school accepts credit cards or not, there’s a school fee payment solution that suits you.

School fee payment options

Spread out school fee payments with an NBF Credit Card

You don’t have to spend your hard-earned savings in one lump sum on your child’s annual tuition fees. Depending on what form of payment your school accepts, NBF offers a Cash-on-Call facility and Easy Payment Plans (EPP) for credit cardholders that can help ease the financial burden of school fees.

  • Get Cash-on-Call
    If your school doesn’t allow you to pay fees with a credit card, NBF credit cardholders can opt for an NBF Cash on Call facility which lets you request up to 70% of your credit limit as cash or a draft made out to the school at 0.49% interest rate* repayable over 12 months.

  • Pay with your NBF credit card and get up to 3 months’ interest-free*
    Convert fee payments into one of NBF’s Easy Payment Plans, available on your NBF credit card, starting at 0% interest* for up to 3 months, allowing you to take advantage of any school discounts for annual fees paid up front.

  • Swipe your credit card at the school
    If your child’s school accepts credit cards as a mode of payment, you can simply swipe your NBF card at the school’s Point of Sale (POS) terminal for any education-related costs from tuition fees to excursions and fundraising drives. You can choose to convert the transaction at a 0% interest* rate for up to 3 months.

  • Get rewarded every time you swipe your NBF credit card
    Whether you’re paying for school fees, tablets, PCs or text books, you will earn up to 3% cashback** on your free-for-life NBF credit card, while enjoying rewards like free airport lounge access, 60% cashback on VOX cinema tickets  and loads  of Visa lifestyle discounts.

Other school fee payment options

  • Make online payments from your NBF account
    Pay school fees anytime, anywhere via NBF Direct online or mobile banking. You can also withdraw cash/a cheque from your bank account or get a manager’s cheque made out in the name of the school.

  • Make in-branch payments from your NBF account
    Visit any NBF branch to make a cash or cheque deposit or to get a manager’s cheque made out to the school.

  • Set up a direct debit and keep up to date with payments
    To ensure school, club, transport and any other education-related fees are paid on time, simply set up automated direct debits on your NBF bank account.

  • Take out a personal loan to manage school fees comfortably
    NBF offers flexible financing options that allow you to repay school fees over up to 48 months at competitive interest rates.

  • Automate savings with our attractive savings plan
    Set money aside for the future with our savings plans and watch your systematic monthly investment grow with competitive interest rates.

Terms and conditions apply.

*For a limited period only
**Depending on credit card type
Cashback is not applicable on Cash-On Call transactions

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