Can I change (increase or reduce) the tenor of the loan?

Yes, this can be done as per the existing policy guidelines.

Does my salary have to be paid monthly into my NBF account in order to qualify for a personal loan?

Yes, as a personal loan holder, your salary has to be transferred into your NBF account monthly.

How long do I have to have worked at my current employer to be eligible for an NBF Personal Loan?

We require confirmation that you have spent at least six months working for your current organisation.

How long does it take to process a personal loan?

Loan applications are generally approved within six working days.

Once approved, how will I receive the loan amount?

It will be transferred to your NBF account.

What is the method of loan repayment?

When signing up for a personal loan, you will provide NBF with a standing order instruction to deduct the monthly instalment from your NBF account.

What is the oldest I can be at the time of my loan maturity?

If you are an expatriate you should be no older than 60 at the time your loan matures. If you are a UAE National you should be no more than 65 years of age at the time of loan maturity.

What is the processing fee for the loan?

Please refer to the Schedule of Charges for the current processing fee

What should my monthly income be to be eligible for an NBF Personal Loan?

You should be earning at least AED 5,000 per month.

What will my monthly instalments be?

Your monthly instalment will be fixed throughout the tenor of your loan (i.e. it will not vary from month to month). Before processing the personal loan application, your Loan Officer will advise you of your instalment amount.

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