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Savings Accounts

Make bigger plans for your future by growing your savings today. Available to both UAE residents and expatriates, NBF Savings Accounts offer high-interest yields on your savings while giving you 24/7 access to your funds.
Savings Basic Account Savings Basic

Whether it’s your child’s education, a new home or an overseas holiday, start saving today with our savings basic account which gives you high interest yields and 24/7 access to your funds

Savings Plus Account Savings Plus

NBF Savings Plus enables you to earn even more as your balance grows so you can afford to give your child the wedding of their dreams or to finally do that home renovation

Max Saver Account Max Saver

Maximise your savings returns with NBF Max Saver and gain easy access to your money 

Gold Investment Account

With an NBF Gold Account, you can skip the middleman and buy gold online at your convenience without worrying about storage

Home Loan Saver

NBF Home Loan Saver is a home financing solution that helps you earn even as you pay