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Enterprises Solutions

Your Relationship Manager will put together a package of financial products and including Shari'a compliant options, to support you at every stage of your business journey.

Product Features

  • A choice of current accounts

    Choose between our Classic Current Account that offers competitive pricing and our Twin Benefit Account that gives you the flexibility of a transactional account while still allowing you to grow your assets.

  • Flexible deposit options

    Opt for a fixed deposit that lets you build up savings through regular monthly deposits of fixed sums over a set period of time. 

  • Insurance for peace of mind

    We’ve partnered with the leading insurers in the UAE to offer you excellent rates on all your insurance needs from car insurance to key man insurance.

  • Short-term business loans

    Get on the right track to meeting your business goals with an easily accessible overdraft or short-term loan and give your microenterprise a boost.

  • Long-term business loans

    Whether you’re thinking of growing your premises or acquiring new assets, get the capital addition you need to fund your business expansion with a long -term business loan.

  • Vehicle finance

    If you’re looking to expand or upgrade your fleet, NBF can put you on the road to success with our competitive vehicle loans.

  • Working capital facilities

    Finance your everyday operations and cover accounts payable, wages and more during quieter trading periods with a short-term working capital loan.

  • Trade finance facilities

    Keen to expand abroad? Explore NBF’s trade finance facilities and safeguard your interests in the international marketplace.

  • Business Debit Card

    Pay for your day-to-day company expenses safely and conveniently with a Chip and PIN-enabled NBF Visa Business Platinum Debit Card and also withdraw cash for free at any ATM in the UAE.

  • NBF Premium Account

    Enjoy free money transfers, teller transactions, cheque books, a dedicated Relationship Manager who will see to your every need and more with NBF Microenterprises Premium Account.


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