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Fujairah Bank Imports

Reduce your risks and streamline your import processes to ensure prompt port clearance and payment with NBF’s suite of trade financing products and services.

We Provide

  • Avalisation

    We avalise your import documentation collection and direct imports, thereby transferring your risk to NBF. This ensures that exporters are paid at maturity, maintaining your credibility amongst all transacting parties

  • Shipping guarantees

    In the event that your goods arrive at the port before your documents, NBF can issue a shipping guarantee to help clear your goods immediately, saving you from potential demurrage charges

  • Letters of Credit (LCs)
    • We open various kinds of LCs (including sight, deferred, usance, revolving or transferable) that are compliant with the Uniform Customs and Practice (UCP) guidelines issued by the International Chamber of Commerce
    • NBF's extensive global banking relationships ensure that these LCs are swiftly dispatched to beneficiaries, while the exporter enjoys a commitment of irrevocable payment - and peace of mind - concerning the shipment and service
  • Import collections

    We keep our turnaround time for import documentation collections to a minimum, helping you clear your goods as quickly as possible upon arrival. This service abides by the International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Collections (URC) and is one of the easiest methods of payment in international trade

  • Trust receipt financing

    We provide trust receipt financing against LCs, documentation collections, advance payments and direct import requirements for payment to suppliers. Repayment tenors are tailored to your working capital requirements and are payable upon receipt of sale or maturity

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