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NBF Markets

NBF Markets redefines online trading in FX, Precious Metals, Derivatives and CFDs, offering our Corporate clients a seamless and user-friendly experience. Explore a diverse range of instruments tailored to meet all your trading needs.


What is NBF Markets?

  • Unlock 24/5 market access with NBF Markets, a Margin Trading platform for NBF Corporate clients. Trade FX, Precious Metals and Commodities in Spot, Forward, CFDs & Options. Benefit from real-time pricing, advanced order management and risk monitoring for an efficient and enhanced trading experience.

  • Benefits
    • Leverage will allow clients to trade a certain multiple of the margin placed with NBF.
    • Trading with a UAE Central Bank regulated entity.
    • Access the platform via website, desktop or mobile device.
    • Access global markets 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday.
    • Competitive pricing.
    • Access to charts for technical analysis.
    • Efficient onboarding process.

NBF Markets Pro

Discover the enhanced capabilities of NBF Markets Pro, tailored for high-volume and active traders seeking advanced trade management tools.


  • Desktop version for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Sophisticated trading instruments.
  • Engineered for speed and productivity.
  • Can be configured on up to six monitors at once.
  • Provides a comprehensive account overview, performance analysis, returns breakdown and portfolio summary.

How to login:

For desktop access, download the relevant installer:

Contact us at to discuss your requirements today or call us on 04-5206666.


Trading with Leveraged Products involves risk of potential losses. Please diligently assess the suitability of the product for your requirements, considering your own judgement, goals and financial resources. Click here for a detailed disclaimer on the NBF Markets online platform.


When will I get margin alerts?

In the event where the margin utilisation reaches 75% and 85% of the margin placed, automated alerts will be issued. The client is advised to deposit additional margin to avoid the positions being closed out.

How much leverage can I expect on the margin placed?

Leverage provided will be subject to NBF's assessment of your risk profile based on a suitability questionnaire.

How do I fund my NBF Markets account?

As a client, you can use NBF online banking to move funds from your Current Account to your Margin Account. Once the funds are sighted in the Margin Account, your available Margin in the NBF Markets Platform, will be updated the same day (subject to Treasury Working Hours and Public Holidays). Funds sighted post cut off, will be processed on the next working day. 

For the withdrawal of funds, please get in touch with NBF Treasury on 04-5206666 or Withdrawals will be processed on the next working day.

What documents are required?

We will conduct a Suitability Analysis in the form of a questionnaire. If the client is found to be suitable, the Margin Trading Agreement and Dealing Authorisation will need to be executed.

How do I get access to NBF Markets?

As a client, you can get in touch with your NBF Relationship Manager or you can fill in the enquiry form on the website and we will get in touch with you.

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