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Account Services

From a business account that keeps track of your company's receivables to a standardised payroll account for all your employees, NBF Corporate Account Services takes care of your everyday business banking needs so that you can focus on maximising your profits. Here are four types of account services we offer: Business Account, Call Account, Corporate Current Account, and Fixed Deposits.

Business Account

NBF Business Account

We've created three business account options designed to take care of your specific corporate banking needs

Call Account

NBF Call Account

Make your extra funds work for you with an NBF Call Account. Earn competitive interest based on your account balance

Corporate Current Account

NBF Corporate Current Account

The NBF Corporate Current Account gives you access to a wide range of services and benefits to finance and aid your business growth

Fixed Deposits

NBF Fixed Deposits

Secure and flexible NBF Fixed Deposits are available in all major currencies and offer highly competitive interest rates, helping you to grow and safeguard your investment

Platinum Business Credit Card

Considering the speed of your business by day, you need a business credit card that keeps you moving

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