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Precious Metals and Diamonds

Gold & Diamonds NBF

A partnership that’s worth its weight in gold

National Bank of Fujairah is one of the leading bullion banks in the UAE and enjoys strong partnerships with other established banking players in the precious metals trade.

NBF's dedicated precious metals & diamonds team is committed to providing personalised service to clients in the jewellery and diamond industry, operating out of UAE.

Our specialised team is focused on serving jewellery and diamond industries covering major verticals namely, gold and diamond jewellery, rough diamonds and polished diamonds. Our services also include facilitating trades in gold, platinum and silver.

NBF also has vaulting facilities – both inhouse and with Transguard in Deira Gold Souk in Dubai.

As we understand the importance of being aware of industry trends and the constantly changing market pattern, click here to read our Precious Metals and Diamonds industry report.


Diamond Financing

Based in Dubai’s Almas Tower, in the heart of one of the world’s biggest diamond trading centres, NBF’s diamond financing team focuses on providing short-term trade finance products to established rough and polished diamond traders and manufacturers.


  • Our diamond financing service is staffed by a team of industry experts
  • It is registered with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Gold Loan

We provide specialised lending in the form of gold to finance the core working capital requirements of the jewellery industry. We can also provide hedging strategies for your business using forwards and derivatives.


  • Amount based on your business requirements
  • Gold funding rate-based pricing
  • Floating rate
  • Maturity of one to three years

Unfixed Gold

We provide specialised lending in the form of gold to finance the short-term working capital requirements for the jewellery industry’s inventory replenishment needs.


  • Amount based on your business requirements
  • Floating rate
  • Maturity of one to three months

Gold Variation Margin Overdraft

We provide short-term financing for funding of margin calls on gold loans.

Other Working Capital Facilities

We can also provide other corporate banking facilities and treasury products to help you in your business.

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