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Treasury Sales

Treasury Services

We provide expert advice that will help you navigate global markets. Our corporate sales desk offers tailor-made solutions to meet your cross asset business requirements and manage your market risk exposures.

Our treasury servicing hours are extended to better serve your financial market needs: Monday to Thursday (8:00am – 9:00pm), Friday (10:00am – 6:00pm), Saturday to Sunday (8:00am – 5:00pm).

We Provide

  • Foreign exchange
    • We help you manage your FX exposure by identifying risks
    • We cater to your FX requirements across all major and GCC currencies with 24-hour access to the FX markets
    • We provide market analysis through comments and forecasts on currency market trends
    • Offerings: value same day, tom & spot (2 business days ahead), forwards & swaps, OTC FX options, NDFs
  • Interest rates
    • We offer comprehensive advisory and execution service with accurate scheduling of loan repayments
    • We give you detailed market analysis and updates on interest rate trends
    • We quote deposit rates for different tenors and help you hedge interest rate exposures
    • Offerings: deposits, Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs), Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), plain vanilla interest rate options (caps & floors), exotic options
  • Fixed income

    We offer fixed income securities as alternative long-term investments. These include primary and seasoned offerings across the following instruments: sovereign & corporate bonds, sukuks

  • Precious metals & diamonds
    • We offer a full range of service  in fixing of gold loans, placing customer orders, offering 24-hour access to world markets and hedging exposure
    • Offerings: spot fixings, London AM/PM fixings, precious metal loans, forwards & swaps, OTC derivatives
  • Commodities

    We price commodity exchange listed futures & OTC forwards/swaps for various contracts/indices that are quoted and traded in the market: industrial & base metals, agricultural products, energy & utilities, bulk commodities & freight, carbon & carbon emissions

  • Derivatives

    We offer a full range of derivatives that help you hedge against foreign exchange, interest rates and commodity price movements

  • Structured products

    Our comprehensive range of structured investments is linked to the performance of underlying markets, such as precious metals, commodities and foreign exchange, to maximise your returns