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NBF Cash Receivables

Manage your company’s cash and liquidity with our range of secure and convenient receivables services.

We Provide

  • Cash collections and delivery service
    • Have funds collected or delivered from virtually any location in the country 
    • Choose the frequency and timing of collections or deliveries
    • Opt for evening collections so that your receipts for the day are deposited promptly the following morning, without the risk of keeping cash in your office overnight
    • Get reports and updates about your daily collections
    • Enjoy competitive, standardised rates across all your branches and offices
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) warehousing service
    • Warehouse PDCs safely and securely through any of our branches
    • Ensure timely deposits into your account upon maturity
    • Receive regular reports to simplify reconciliation
    • Withdraw a cheque or change its presentation date with our flexible service levels
  • Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS)
    • Scan and present collection cheques from your office at your convenience
    • Faster and easier tracking of cash inflow
    • Comprehensive report and audit trail of scanned cheques
    • Flexible physical cheque collection option

     Click here to scan your cheques through ICCS

  • Express banking
    • Make use of a secure, convenient courier service for regular collection and delivery of your cheques
    • Have cheques collected from virtually any location in the country
    • Set frequency and timing to best suit your specific business needs
    • Enjoy competitive rates across all your branches and offices
  • Receivable and Collection Management System (RCMS)
    •  RCMS is a new value-added service exclusively for our corporate clients.
    • Three modules - Reporting, Invoice Matching & Reconciliation, VAT Return Compilation are integrated with the repository systems of the bank for data collation, enrichment and reporting services.
    • Provides dashboards, facilitates analysis of transactional data, enables invoice upload (payments/sale), reconciliation of invoices with receipts (NBF and other banks), compilation and validation of information for VAT return.
    • Login to NBFDirect with your Corporate ID, User ID and password to access NBFDirect*
    • For further information please speak to your Relationship Manager or contact with us on 8008NBF(623) or
      *to register for RCMS separate application form needs to be submitted.