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NBF Art Competition 2021

Celebrating 50 years of Successful Legacy and the Future of Transformation.

In celebration of the UAE's Golden Jubilee, the National Bank of Fujairah was honoured to launch a Public Art Competition.

The competition provided a nationwide opportunity for emerging and established artists across the Emirates, inviting artists to express the progress of the UAE and its future.

Thank you to all who participated!



OUR SELECTION COMMITTEE - A special thanks to all our judges

  • Dr. Hamed Al Suwaidi – Founder Abu Dhabi Arts Society (ADAS)

    Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi is the founder of the Al Suwaidi Private Group Limited, a commercial trading organization in Abu Dhabi which spans e-commerce, research, arts, and culture. He founded the Ousha Bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi Foundation centered on preserving the heritage of the United Arab Emirates in 2019, and the international art community HART Art-Tech in 2020. With a focus on philanthropy, international relations, world history, and the arts, Dr. Al Suwaidi champions the United Arab Emirates’ culture, tourism, and business endeavors locally and abroad.

  • Ahmad Al Rashid - Founder & Director, TALK Curated Creative Events

    As a creative communicator, Ahmad Al Rashid has worked in brand and art management for the past 20 years living and moderating art talks across the globe. Along with his Dubai-based creative podcast "Talkative with Ahmad" reached top 90 in GCC, his affinity and global experience in art makes him an icon for many pursuing artists today.

  • Sultana Kazim - Senior Emirati Artist & Fashion Designer

    Sultana Kazim is a world famous Haute couture designer and artist who is also known for her "Traditional Bastaki And Emirati Fashion" which she wears to honour the Emirati culture. Her creations have appeared on weddings of Princess Diana and Prince Charles of England, making her a global icon in the Art industry.

  • Peter Gressman - Art Critic, Curator, Historian & Dealer and Founder of Art Forum UAE

    Peter Gressman is the founder of 'Art Forum UAE', a non-profit entity supporting artists living in the Middle East. He recently became a member as a Fine Art Dealer of an art project around a world-famous and much-admired personality. An Art project that would attract millions of fans to Dubai for decades. In 2021, he was also appointed as one of the International Jurors for a big Art Festival in Korea and as Art and Culture Ambassador for UAE there. His connection to art dates back to his childhood days and continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

  • Slava Noor – Founder and Editor, Arte & Lusso Magazine

    Slava Noor is the founder of Arte and Lusso, which promotes both local and international talent and helps artists, fashion designers, and other creative professionals get the exposure they deserve. She has consulted over 60 artists as a part of the Artist Boot Camp online marathon she created and currently works with artists and art galleries as a consultant and marketer. She believes that art has the power to inspire people and bridge different cultures.

  • Anna Morrow – Curator, Morrow Collective

    Anna began her career as a journalist and later specialised in arts and culture. Her intense love of writing about art led her to move into the role of a curator. Through MORROW, Anna believes that curation can open minds to the powerful narratives embedded in visual art in all its forms.


  • 1st place: AED 5000
  • 2nd place: AED 4000
  • 3rd place: AED 3000
  • Most Innovative Art

Top 10 creative artworks including the top 3 winners received a certificate of ‘Most Creative Art Piece’ which was  endorsed by the judges.

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