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Trusted partner in the Services & Manufacturing industry

Zeeshan Awan – Head of Services and Manufacturing, NBF

Tell us about NBF and its presence in the UAE.

Since its inception in the UAE over 30 years ago, NBF has built a strong name for itself as the bank of choice for business across the country. Today, it is one of the most well-respected corporate banks in the UAE, and is renowned for its award-winning services, unrivalled understanding of local markets and unwavering commitment to its customers. 

Over the years, the bank has demonstrated time and again that it considers itself more than a bank but rather the best financial partner for clients for their professional and personal needs. In addition, NBF helps clients navigate the current challenging market conditions by leveraging its network of experts in various sectors.

What are the different types of loans offered at NBF? 

NBF boasts a unique multi-disciplinary, cross-sectorial approach to supporting its clients with bespoke services, tailored to their evolving needs. The bank’s award-winning services, from treasury to trade finance, coupled with its extensive experience and local insight in industry sectors from services and manufacturing to oil and gas, makes NBF an ideal partner for businesses in the UAE. With many of its clients falling within different business segments, NBF offers its overdraft facility, terms loans – both short-term and long-term, and syndicated loans. These facilities are closely designed and customized keeping the customer’s needs in mind and ensuring that the bank is adding value to their business – supporting its growth and success.

Could you elaborate on the education loans that NBF offers its clients?

NBF considers itself a trusted partner for the education industry and has played an active role in expanding the sector across UAE. It has been able to develop an array of products to offer a multi-faceted partnership to leading and aspiring education providers. The offering is not only aimed at supporting infrastructure set-up but also in lending assistance towards achieving progressive sustainability. NBF’s offering also extends to support ancillary requirements of the industry as well as its beneficiaries.

What are the period of loans offered in this sector and would you be able to elaborate on how the educational institutions have allocated the loans extended to them?

There is a wide range of products to choose from in this sector and tenor can be matched with the type of financing. Typically, set up financing is more long term in nature and has to take into consideration the ramp-up model that is prevalent in the sector. Shorter term financing is also in abundant use, which can be availed as an interim arrangement or a more permanent solution on a revolving basis. Owing to the nature of the business, the bulk of financing in this sector is on account of unusually high set-up costs and hence the use of financing is skewed towards a longer term.

How do you assist companies in manufacturing and services industries?

Over the years, National Bank of Fujairah has established a reputation as a pioneering banking partner for companies in services and manufacturing, with a strong track record in hospitality, healthcare, logistics and education. This division ensures a thorough, in-depth understanding of its niche space to enable it to provide solid and sound advice to its customers to build long lasting partnerships. Leveraging in-house data and expert partnership advisors, NBF deeply assesses the strengths, weaknesses and the contributing factors that will help build a successful franchise.  Testament to its service excellence and partnership approach, the bank has maintained customer relationships for over 20 years. 

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