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Visa Spend Clarity for Business

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Intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful online expense management tools for NBF Visa Business Platinum that provides visibility of your company's credit card spend. It gives you the control, efficiency and flexibility for your business needs.

Businesses need spend management solutions that are in their corner, helping them to grow. This means intuitive, easy-to-use yet powerful digital solutions that help manage spend, save time and money and optimise cashflow.

With Visa Spend Clarity, you can get a clear view and full control of your employee expenses on the go with near real-time alerts and notifications of spend. You can track spending, categorise expenses and add receipts all via the mobile app, also allowing you to set up and manage each employee with specific, personalised spending controls and transaction limits.

Product Features

  • Control spend, whenever and wherever it happens
    Customisable limits and parameters for every purchase made with the NBF Visa Business Platinum Credit Card.

  • Easy to integrate, intuitive digital solutions
    Quick and easy set-up that integrates with existing systems and requires no external support.

  • Eliminate time-consuming and costly processes
    Experience fast, efficient automation and increase visibility of spend with near real-time alerts and detailed reporting to help you minimise unnecessary spending or card misuse.

How it works

Visa Spend Clarity for Business works with your NBF Visa Business Platinum credit card facility to create a comprehensive online transaction reporting and spend management system.

It will help you achieve visibility and control over business spend and improve efficiencies by streamlining your expense management operating processes.

Your card data is automatically captured every day and a suite of flexible reporting and analytical tools allow you to use this information to take control of your company's spending. You can implement centralised spending policies, identifying areas where you can reduce costs and make better purchasing decisions.

Achieve visibility

  • Access top line or drilled down reports at any time, with exception reporting options based on individual spend.
  • Manage your business operations and cash flow processes with data that helps you identify where you can reduce costs and use your capital more wisely.
  • Import Visa Spend Clarity for Business data to other internal or external business applications to streamline reporting across your business.

Take control

  • Get a complete view of your employee’s transactions, with insights into the what, when and where they're spending.
  • You can implement centralised corporate spend policies through your employees’ NBF Visa Platinum Business cards.
  • The information and data you need for cost management is available any time.

Improve efficiencies

  • Streamline and automate your expense management operating processes.
  • Leverage your Visa Spend Clarity for Business spend data to rationalise your supplier base and negotiate better terms.
  • Provide time savings to all levels of your organisation with a quick and simple reconciliation process.

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