As an NBF Corporate Access online banking user, you have access to Dynamic Reports – tools that give you insights and analytics to help you manage your company’s money effectively.

Dynamic Reports provides snapshots as well as detailed insights into various aspects of your finances for example your loan and deposit maturity and your forex transactions.

Below are some of the analytics available in each report:

Loan and Deposit Maturity

This functionality provides an overview of the maturity profile of any loans and deposits your company holds with NBF. It also shows you product wise maturities and top 5 upcoming maturities. This tool will help you manage your maturities on time and maintain a strong credit profile.

  • Loan Maturity provides a maturity profile of your loans for different tenors.

  • Deposit Maturity provides a maturity profile of your deposits for different tenors.

  • Product Wise Maturity provides details of the outstanding amount maturing by product.  

Select the maturity tenor from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the Upcoming Top 5 Maturities section:

  • Upcoming Top 5 Maturities provides details of your top five outstanding transactions that are coming up for maturity.


This option provides a snapshot of any forex business your company has conducted with NBF and provides you with historic trends, maturity profiles and a deal summary.

Select currencies from drop-down menu on the top right corner of this section to view:

  • Transaction Trend details by number of transactions and value.

  • FX Deal Maturity details by number of transactions and value for different tenors of maturity such as less than one month and one to three months.

  • Deal Summary provides an overview of each deal. You can filter by specific currency, deal date or value date.