Accelerate your growth with Visa! 

Get 10% cashback when you pay for your advertising spends using your NBF Visa Business Credit Card.

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How to participate:

  • Register for the promotion by filling out the form.
  • Specify number of your Visa business card and your email.
  • Pay for your advertising needs on qualified merchants with your NBF Visa Business Card from May 10, 2023 to August 31, 2023.
  • Get a cashback of up to 50 USD during the whole period of the promotion. 

Terms and conditions apply.

  • This offer is valid until August 31, 2023.
  • The cashback will be paid out between September 15th and September 30th, 2023.
  • Registered cardholders who meet the first conditions (minimum $500 spend by July 10th, 2023) will receive their cashback within the specified timeframe.
  • The cardholder who received the cashback in the previous term, from May 10th to July 10th, 2023, is not eligible to participate in the promotion a second time. They will not be eligible during the extension. However, enrolled cardholders who did not spend $500 during the initial period of the campaign (i.e., till July 10th) will continue to participate in the program. There is no need to re-register, and if they spend USD $500 before August 31st, 2023, they will still be eligible.

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