Rent, school fees, weddings, home décor, travel expenses? Now there’s an easy way to pay for the things that are important to you interest-free* for up to a year, with our Cash on Call / EZ draft benefit available on your NBF credit card.

As an NBF credit cardholder, you can simply call our customer hotline on 8008NBF(623) to request that we transfer up to 70% of your credit limit directly into your NBF account.

Credit cardholders can also request a cheque only for school fee payment to the value of up to 70% of their credit limit with our EZ Draft facility.

For a limited time only, we won’t charge you any interest on your repayments for up to 12 months.

Amount (AED) Flat Processing Fee Interest rate Tenure
                   5,000 100 0% up to 12 months
                 10,000 200
                 15,000 300

Terms & conditions apply.

To find out more, call us today on 8008NBF(623).

*Valid for a limited time only.