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International Multi-Manager Plans

Excellent diversification for smooth returns

Your International Multi-Manager Plan will be diversified to include funds that invest in a wide range of asset classes, all in keeping with your risk profile. We also select a mix of fund managers offering different styles and approaches, an approach designed to generate smoother returns.

Product Features

  • Conservative Plan

    Ideal for a cautious investor who is willing to accept some risk while focused on pursuing a modest level of portfolio capital appreciation with minimal principal loss and volatility.

  • Moderate Plan

    The solution for a moderately cautious or moderate investor seeking a balance between portfolio stability and portfolio capital appreciation. Your focus is on capital growth and greater diversification.

  • Aggressive Plan

    The go-to plan for a moderately adventurous or adventurous investor who is focused on pursuing portfolio capital appreciation over time. You’re comfortable with, and accept, potential wide asset price fluctuations, and are more than likely an experienced equity investor.


An NBF International Multi-Manager Plan requires a lump-sum investment starting at a minimum of US$10,000.

Contribution in the Systematic International Investment Fund Savings Plan (IIFSP), is a minimum of US$1,000 per month with a commitment of no less than two years.

To invest with NBF Investment Management, you have to qualify as a Priority banking customer.

You are eligible for NBF Priority status if you meet and maintain* one or more of the following criteria:

• You earn a monthly salary of AED 40,000 or more that is credited into an NBF account
• You maintain a minimum banking average balance of AED 350,000 (or the equivalent in any other currency) in deposits and/or investments
• Your mortgage value is over AED 2.5 million

*To avoid any inconvenience, you must maintain your Priority banking account with adequate funds that meet the eligibility criteria listed above. In the unfortunate event that your account fails to meet at least one of the criteria, your Priority Banking status will be changed to a relevant package in Personal Banking.