Enhanced protection for your online payments

Shop online with your NBF credit or debit card and enjoy extra peace of mind, thanks to 3D Secure™, powered by Visa.


Safer online shopping

3D Secure™ features an additional authentication process when you use your NBF credit and debit card to shop on websites with the “Verified by Visa®” icon.

Protect yourself from fraud

Enter your card details and wait for a six-digit One-Time Password (OTP) that will be sent to your mobile number and email ID registered with NBF. Once you receive the OTP, you have 180 seconds to authorise the transaction.

Security made simple

Whether you’re paying bills or shopping on your favourite online store, make secure, hassle-free online purchases. All you have to do is keep your contact details with NBF up to date.

Stress less

Rest assured that your NBF card details will remain secure, and enjoy stress-free shopping without having to worry about the trustworthiness of the online stores you’re buying from.

No registration required

You don’t have to sign up for 3D Secure™, the added protection of Verified by Visa® is automatically enabled on your NBF credit and debit card. Simply ensure that your registered mobile number and email address are up to date with us.

To start using 3D Secure™, simply follow these five easy steps:

  1. Shop online on any website with the “Verified by Visa®” icon.
  2. Enter your NBF credit or debit card details at checkout.
  3. A One-Time Password (OTP) will automatically be sent to your mobile number and email address registered with NBF.
  4. Enter the OTP you receive to authorise the transaction.
  5. Enjoy peace of mind of knowing that your transaction is secure.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a free service facilitated by Visa that lets you transact online securely using your NBF credit or debit card. This service is only available on 3D Secure merchant sites displaying the Verified by VISA (VBV) icon. VBV uses password protection during an internet purchase to authenticate the customer as an added fraud prevention measure.

What are the benefits of 3D Secure?

VBV provides an extra layer of security by verifying you when you use your NBF credit or debit card to make payments online. You can rest assured that any online merchant that uses the VBV service is a legitimate commercial entity. A private code means added protection against unauthorised use of your credit or debit card when you make payments online.

VBV protects you by ensuring that you and only you can use your credit or debit card for electronic payments.

What is a One-Time Password (OTP)?

An OTP is a six-digit code that is valid for only 180 seconds during one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital devices. The OTP is automatically generated via SMS to your NBF-registered mobile and email address for authentication.

How do I register for 3D Secure?

No registration is required. The added protection of VBV is automatically enabled on your NBF Visa credit and debit card. Please ensure that you have updated your latest mobile number and email address with NBF, as the OTP will be sent to your mobile number and email address currently stored in the bank’s records.

How can I update my mobile number/email address?

To update your information, please visit your nearest NBF Branch.

Will I be charged for 3D Secure?

No. This service is provided free of charge.

Do I have to register for all my cards separately?

No registration is required. The feature is automatically enabled on all NBF credit cards.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

Yes. Your card details are safe as they are encrypted and stored on a secure server.

I have just received a replacement card, do I have to re-register?

No, you do not have to register any of your cards for this feature.

What happens if I enter the OTP incorrectly?

The transaction will fail after three incorrect password attempts; thereafter you will need to re-initiate the transaction.

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