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Important Notice on NBF Gold Account

This is with reference to the announcement made on 1 September 2021 whereby after careful consideration, NBF has decided to discontinue offering its Gold Account.

Please consider this as a 60-day or 180-day notice whichever applies to you and as per the terms and conditions we have communicated earlier. We request you to visit your branch to close your account. Should you continue to have a balance in your account, NBF reserves the right to close the account and return the amount (after VAT tax deduction). The payment will be made by transferring money to your deposit account with the Bank.

For customers who wish to sell their gold, we encourage you to sell as per your choice. Please click here for the published FX rates.

The discontinuance of the product is in keeping with our practice of rationalizing low-demand products and replacing them with new products to provide a more valuable service to our customers.

We appreciate and value your partnership and regret any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Relationship Manager, visit your nearest NBF branch or call us at 8008NBF(623).

Thank you for banking with us.

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