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List of Purpose of Payment (POP) Codes for Local Remittance

Code Description
ACM Agency Commissions
AES Advance Payment Against EOS
ALW Allowance
ATS Air Transport
BON Bonus
CCP Corporate Card Payments
CHC Charitable Contributions (Charity and Aid)
CIN Commercial Investments
COM Commission
COP Compensation
DCP Debit Card Payments
DIV Dividend Payouts from FI
DOE Dividends on Equity not Intragroup
EDU Educational Support
EMI Equated Monthly Installments
EOS End of Service / Final Settlement
FIS Financial Services
GDE Goods Sold 
GDI Goods Bought
GMS Processing Repair and Maintenance Services on Goods
GOS Government Goods and Services Embassies etc.
GRI Government related Income Taxes, Tariffs, Capital Transfers, etc.
IFS Information Services
IGD Dividends Intragroup
IGT Inter Group Transfer
IID Interest on Debt Intragroup
INS Insurance Services
IOD Income on Deposits
IOL Income on Loans
IPC Charges for the use of Intellectual Property Royalties
IPO IPO Subscriptions
IRP Interest Rate Swap Payments
IRW Interest Rate Unwind Payments
ISH Income on Investment Funds Shares
ISL Interest on Securities more than a year
ISS Interest on Securities less than a year
ITS Computer Services
LAS Leave Salary
LIP Loan Interest Payments
LNC Loan Charges
LND Loan Disbursements from FI
MCR Monetary Claim Reimbursements
MWI Mobile Wallet Card Cash-In
MWO Mobile Wallet Card Cash-Out
MWP Mobile Wallet Card Payments
OTS Other Modes of Transport (including postal and courier services)
OVT Overtime
PEN Pension
PIP Profits on Islamic Products
PMS Professional and Management Consulting Services
POR Refunds/Reversals on IPO Subscriptions
POS POS Merchant Settlement
PRP Profit Rate Swap Payments
PRR Profits or Rents on Real Estate
PRS Personal, Cultural, Audiovisual and Recreational Services
PRW Profit Rate Unwind Payments
RDS Research and Development Services
RNT Rent Payments
SAA Salary Advance
SAL Salary (Compensation of Employees)
SCO Construction
STR Travel
STS Sea Transport
SVI Stored Value Card Cash-In
SVO Stored Value Card Cash-Out
SVP Stored Value Card Payments
TAX Tax Payment
TCS Telecommunication Services
TKT Tickets
TOF Transfer of Funds between Persons Normal and Juridical
TTS Technical, Trade-Related and Other Business Services
UTL Utility Bill Payments
XAT Tax Refund

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