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Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance

A reliable asset for your business

National Bank of Fujairah's commercial assets and equipment specialists are ready to assist you, no matter the size of your company, your capital expenditure requirements or asset and equipment type.

Our equipment finance team supports companies across the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to distributors, with customised vendor finance solutions designed to drive sales growth and enhance customer loyalty.

Equipment Finance Services

  • Receive funding of up to 100% of the value of your equipment needs. We also tailor solutions to your specific requirements
  • Preserve existing banking facilities and working capital lines. You won't need to utilise your working capital to support a capex investment
  • Increase your purchasing power. We will enable you to increase your investment and accelerate your company's growth
  • Match the receipt of revenue to the cost of finance. Structured repayments can also be arranged in line with your projected revenue flow
  • Make fixed rate and known payments to simplify your budget
  • Re-finance existing assets. This raises capital and helps improve your balance sheet structure
  • Opt for flexible solutions to address a mix of new and used assets
  • Combine your equipment finance with NBF's existing suite of commercial and trade products to fully address all your requirements

Equipment Finance Solutions

Transportation & Logistics

  • Fleet (cars and buses)
  • Commercial vehicles - tractor units and trailers
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Mobile cranes and access work platforms
  • Material handling assets


  • A wide range of medical and dental equipment across modalities and brands

Industrial & Manufacturing Assets

  • Manufacturing and associated assets
  • Power generation equipment

Commercial Printing, Office Equipment & Technology Assets

  • Commercial print equipment including core offset printers as well as pre- and post-press requirements
  • Commercial office equipment
  • Technology equipment

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