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Here are some answers to commonly-asked questions about investing in NBF.

Where can I find out about NBF’s dividend pay-out history?

You can review NBF's dividend pay-out trend by clicking here

Is my share dividend paid in the form of cash or bonus shares?

The distribution of dividend and its form is approved at the Annual General Meeting by the shareholders. Keep an eye on our Financial Calendar for shareholder meeting dates.

When are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid to entitled shareholders within 30 days of the Annual General Meeting, which is held within four months following the year-end.

How will I receive my dividends?

Dividends are paid as follows:

  • As cheques, delivered to the address specified in our records
  • Remitted to the bank account of shareholders maintained with another bank if the mandate is signed

What is the structure of NBF-issued share capital?

The authorised capital of NBF is set at the amount of AED 1,850,011,482 (Dirhams one billion, one hundred eighty two million five hundred thousand) divided into 1,182,500,000 (one billion, one hundred eighty two million, five hundred thousand) shares, with a nominal value of AED 1/- per share fully paid up.

Each share shall entitle its holder to a proportion indiscriminately equal to the proportions of the other shareholders in the ownership of the Company's assets and in the dividends distributed.

Where are NBF’s shares listed and what is the bank’s stock symbol?

NBF's shares are listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) with the stock symbol as "NBF".

How can I buy or sell NBF shares?

NBF shares can be bought or sold through a broker licensed to carry out trades at the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). Shares cannot be bought or sold directly through NBF.

Who are NBF's independent auditors?

Ernst & Young Middle East

28th Floor, Al Saqr Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road,

P.O. Box: 9267, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Office: +971 4 332 4000

Website: http://www.ey.com

Who do I contact if I have an enquiry related to my shareholding, for example transfer of shares, change of name or address, or lost share certificates, pledged shares or dividend cheques?

Any inquiry of this nature related to your shareholdings should be directed to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) directly. NBF can also facilitate shareholders in this regard with our dedicated investor relations team that can be contacted at NBF-investorrelations@nbf.ae

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