National Bank of Fujairah Code of Conduct

NBF fully abides by its Code of Conduct, a set of principles and guidelines that outline management's expectation regarding employees' behavior towards colleagues, supervisors and overall orgnisation, whenever they represent the bank. NBF's goal is to create and sustain an environment that allows freedom of expression and open communication, whilst respecting the various cultures and beliefs represented in the diverse workforce. Compliance by all staff with the bank's Code of Conduct is an important part of achieving such an environment.


Our Values

As a bank, we subscribe to the following values so as to nurture a client-centric and compliance-oriented environment with which to develop our products and services:

  • Passion and Commitment - Prepared to go the extra mile, owning and being accountable for your contributions to the bank.
  • Respect - Nurture mutual trust and understanding, appreciate and seek the views of every individual.
  • Integrity - Operate with honesty, fairness and transparency.
  • Dedication to Team Work - Work towards shared and common goals. Build effective service value chains across organisational boundaries.
  • Excellence in Service - Deliver an exceptional customer service with the highest standards.

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