UAE Banks Federation Code of Conduct

National Bank of Fujairah fully abides by the UAE Banks Federation Code of Conduct, a set of principles and guidelines that banks in the UAE are encouraged to adopt to enhance professional standards and promote trust within the industry.

In addition to this industry-wide code of conduct, NBF has also developed an internal set of principles that serve as a formal benchmark for employee behaviour and performance whenever they represent the bank.

Our Values

As a bank, we subscribe to the following values so as to nurture a client-centric and compliance-oriented environment with which to develop our products and services:

Passion and Commitment - be ready to go the extra mile, for the bank and each other

Respect - have mutual trust and understanding, appreciate and seek the views of others

Integrity - be honest and transparent

Dedication to teamwork - work towards common goals; build effective teams across organisational boundaries

Excellence in service - make delivering an exceptional customer service at the heart of everything we do